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MILO FSG 107 is based on high quantity silicone oil , PTFE thickenerand other additives. It is designed for high temperature conditions.

  • Description
        MILO FSG 107 is based on high quantity silicone oil , PTFE thickenerand other additives. It is designed for high temperature conditions.
     Excellent anti-wear and antivibration;
     Excellent high temperature, low volatility;
     Compatible with most materials, plastics and coatings;
     Chemical stability, no carbon;
     Excellent low temperature characteristics, and have a very low torque start characteristics;
     Long life, reduce downtime, andincrease work efficiency;
        MILO FSG 107 can use in high temperature drying room, stretching and heat setting machine chain bearings, corrugated machine, 
    preheating drying cylinder, roller and spindle bearings, BOPP film extension conveyor roller bearing.
    Application notes 
     For optimum lubrication results, we recommend cleaning the friction points with MILO FSCL 30. The friction points must be clean and bright, i.e. free from oil, grease, 
    perspiration and contamination. 
     Greases are applied directly or by means of brush, spatula or lubricant dispenser. 

     When people used, need to wear any type of impermeable rubber gloves.

    Can: 1kg 
    Drum: 20kg

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