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Selection of lubricants

The working load of the sports crew is directly related to the fluidity and abrasion resistance of the lubricating oil used. Sportsmen suffered heavy load, the use of larger viscosity lubricant, oil and extreme pressure should be good. The load is small, the viscosity of the lubricant used is smaller, and the requirements for oiliness and extreme pressure are lower.

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Use and maintenance of gas compressor lubrication system

The most common faults in gas compressors are abnormal wear and bite of pistons and piston rings, rotor components, sliding bearings, occlusion of crosshead sliders, and abnormal heating. These failures are directly or indirectly related to improper use of lubrication systems and lubrication devices.

Rail transit locomotive electrical connector lubrication program

As a new mode of transportation in modern society, rail transit has achieved rapid development in China with its various advantages. It is an important tool for travel of the majority of urban population. Electrical connectors are an important part of subway, high-speed rail and motor-car.

Lubricants are dangerous goods it?

The level of danger of lubricants is based on the flash point.The flash point is a project that indicates the evaporation tendency and the safety nature of petroleum products. Flash point below 45 ℃ is called flammable products; 45 ℃ above is flammable. From the flash point can determine the severity of the composition of the oil, identifying the danger of oil fire, the higher the more flash point of safety.

What is the difference between grease and grease?

When the frictional part is at a standstill, the grease retains its original shape and will not be lost automatically due to gravity, nor will it slip off and leak from vertical surfaces. This feature is ideal for stop-and-start or infrequent friction sites, very difficult locations for grease filling materials such as Crane Airline Lubrication, and open or poorly sealed locations. When the friction part is in motion, the grease does not slip out of the way of a centrifugal force like a lubricating oil and will not spill out from a poorly sealed area. Some dripping or splashing is almost completely avoided, thus ensuring that the environment is protected from or less contaminated, and also from contamination of the product. This point is especially important for industries like papermaking, weaving and foodstuffs.

Is the lubricant conductive?

Conductivity of lubricating oil in pS / m. The lower the conductivity of the lubricant, the better the insulation of the lubricant and the easier it is to generate static electricity. The factors that affect the electrical conductivity of lubricants are: the type of base oil used to formulate lubricants, the type of additives, oil contained in the water, impurities, mechanical impurities, metal powders, etc., will affect the conductivity of lubricating oil. For example, pure water itself has very low conductivity and therefore is not electrically conductive. However, tap water is conductive because it contains some metallic mineral salts, acids and alkalis, so tap water conductivity is increased.

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