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Rail transit locomotive electrical connector lubrication program

  As a new mode of transportation in modern society, rail transit has achieved rapid development in China with its various advantages. It is an important tool for travel of the majority of urban population. Electrical connectors are an important part of subway, high-speed rail and motor-car.

  Many electrical connector manufacturers in the production process of silver-coated contacts using conventional cleaning agents, can not be completely removed grease, can not reach the most complete cleaning effect, thus affecting the bonding performance; rust-proof connector Oil usually uses silicone oil, but silicone oil is easily oxidized, leaving silver-coated products dark spots before they leave the factory.

  To solve these two major problems, Shanghai Ya Du lubricants Co., Ltd. can provide the best solution:

  Milo Lan V70 is a perfluorinated detergent, moisture-free, superior volatility allows the product to be cleaned to achieve the highest purity, so that the silver coating can be completely adhered to the product to prevent the phenomenon of shedding.

  Milo stew OHL? 025 is a perfluorinated product, does not contain water; at the same time with high temperature performance, at high temperatures to prevent the occurrence of adhesions between contacts; good electrical conductivity; can play a good protective effect , To prevent rust, prevent the generation of dark spots, so that the product to achieve the longest life.

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  Shanghai Yadu Lubricants Material Co., Ltd. is the sole authorized agent of Lubricant FOMBLIN Perfluoropolyether Lubricant Industrial Lubricating Industry in China mainland and Hong Kong. The Japanese DAIKIN Fluorochemical Lubricant and COGELSA Specialty Lubricant agent in China; Germany Kluber (KLUBER) designated products in mainland China dealers; Miller (MILO) has become the most competitive fluorine lubricants. Yadu shares have been successfully listed, stock code: 430439, has become China's market leader in fluorine lubricant materials solutions.

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